Travel Alert: Turkish Airlines

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Who have bookings on the Turkish Airlines flights From/To France,Spain,Germany,Austria,Belgium,Holland,Sweden,Norway,Denmark between 13 March 2020 – 31 May 2020 and ticketed On/Before 13 March 2020.Will be handle with following conditions UNTIL 15 APRIL 2020 , disregarding the related fare rules;

Re-booking and Re-routing will be made without any charge for different booking classes only if the new destination is in the same IATA region and in the same cabin providing that the tickets are reissued UNTIL 15 APRIL 2020 (INCLUDING).

If reissue is made for TK operating flights UNTIL 31 MAY 2020 (Including) changes will be made without any charge.

If changes affect passengers travel plans , re-booking and re-routing will be made (Up to effected duration) without any charge disregarding the available class only if the other flights (In the ticket) are in the same cabin.

Re-routing and Re-booking to the TK operating flights later than 31 May 2020 will be made in one in one year as from the original ticketing date without any charge in case of that same booking class is available.

If same booking in the same cabin is not available , fare differences will be charged without applying penalties.

Re-booking and Re-routing is made according to original ticket fare rules on Interline flights where TK is the marketing carrier.

Refund Requests will be handled with following conditions , refund transaction must be processed UNTIL 15 APRIL 2020 (INCLUIDING)

Unused Ticket : Refund will be made without any charge disregarding the fare rules. Interline flights where TK is the marketing carrier are include

Used Ticket : Refund will be made considering as involuntary. Interline flights where TK I the marketing carrier are included.

Validity if ticket can be extended UNTIL 31 MAR 2020 without any fare difference or penalty.

The changes mentioned above will be limited to only once and other additional changes will be handled with existing penalties and fare or tax differences within the fare rules.