Travel Alert: South African Airways Update



The most recent request for a further bailout made by South African Airways "SAA" has been declined by Government. We have included a FAQ summary below to guide and assist you with any questions you may have surrounding SAA.

Your dedicated Travel Expert remains available to you should you have any questions surrounding a future travel booking made with SAA or should you have any questions surrounding a voucher/credit that may have been issued in light of COVID-19.


What will happen to my SAA booking?

Nothing has changed at this time in light of Government's refusal to further assist SAA with an additional bailout.

Should your booking be impacted as a result of COVID-19, your Travel Expert will be in touch to assist you with the re-accommodation options made available by SAA.


What will happen to the voucher/credit that was issued by SAA as a result of COVID-19?

Nothing changes at this time and your voucher/credit remains valid. The redemption conditions of your voucher/credit remain unchanged at this time.


Can I apply for a refund in light of the uncertainty surrounding SAA's future?

SAA is not processing any refunds and will only allow a credit for non-utilised tickets as per their current re-accommodation policy.


Will I be covered by my travel insurance policy?

Please contact your travel insurance provider directly.


Any travel insurance policies issued by Travel Insurance Consultants "TIC" on or after 21 April 2020, the Travel Supplier Insolvency "TSI" benefit will be available if this policy was issued within 48 hours of the first instance of the SAA ticket being paid.
Any policy issued from 21 April 2020 onwards, where the SAA ticket was purchased more than 48 hours before, will not include TSI cover.

Click HERE for further information.


Should I still purchase travel on SAA?

This is a very personal decision that only you can make. Our Travel Experts will always provide you with a few possible options for your specific itinerary. Should you elect to confirm an SAA option, you will be required to complete an indemnity form at the time of booking.


Why do I need to complete an indemnity form when confirming an SAA booking with FCTG?

We have a responsibility in ensuring that you are made aware of any associated risks in confirming travel with SAA. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the future of SAA and as a duty of care, we communicate these risks at the time of booking. You are in a position to, therefore, make an informed decision regarding your travel and the travel service provider you select.