Travel Risk Management and TIC



Have you ever considered the number of things that could go wrong on your next business trip? Did you know it’s your duty as the traveller or even a travel booker to ensure that you are covered for all of these possible risks. When travelling, make sure you read and understand your travel insurance policy, and check that you are comprehensively covered.


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Let’s look at two scenarios:

John flies to Cape Town and collects his rental car… Cruising along and admiring the ocean, he hits a pothole and not only damages the rim, but messes up the CV joints too. John’s company forgot to take out travel insurance as t was a simple fly-in and fly-out one day trip. John has to pay R11 000 damages. #Dontbelikejohn

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Let’s look at a more serious case like Jane…

Jane went to London on a business trip and was caught up in a terrorist bomb attack on the tube. She was injured in the attack and rushed to hospital. where his case is reported to TIC’s assistance company, after it has been ascertained by the medical staff that she has a Business policy from TIC. Jane’s leg is badly injured and requires emergency surgery. She recuperates in hospital for five days before flying back home to South Africa. Her medical expenses come to R500 000. If Jane did not have comprehensive travel insurance such as TIC, she would have been liable for the full amount of R500 000 of medical bills! #belikejane

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For just R45 a day for 6-42 days of travel, you can easily ensure you and your travellers are covered by TIC for any risks ranging from potholes to terrorist attacks or medical assistance while travelling for business.

And whilst you are weighing up your options for TIC, let’s not forget that your travellers face many other risks when travelling for business, such as, health risks (malaria, food poisoning, flu etc), cancelled/missed flights, injuries ie: Car accidents or risks such as political or cultural conflict.

Duty of care as a travel booker or organisation means that it is your responsibility to cover and prepare them against any risks that may present themselves while travelling for business. You need to ensure their safety as far as possible. To effectively manage your employees travel, there are a few steps that you can implement to ensure their safety and decrease traveller friction. Ask your FCBT travel manager to help understand what risks travelers may face when travelling and provide adequate travel insurance to cover this. If you do not have a travel policy in place or comprehensive travel insurance, ask your FCBT travel manager to advise you on the best TIC coverage options for your travelers and business requirements. Take back control of your business travel expenses and implement safety measures for your business travellers. 

For more information on how you can implement your duty of care process as well as info on the comprehensive TIC offering, contact us today.