Surviving a business trip with your boss

 Surviving a business trip with your boss

Although business trips give you the opportunity to see new places, experience new things and meet new people, they can be quite stressful. Working in an unknown environment while meeting your company’s expectations is challenging, and having your boss as a travel partner doesn’t make things easier. 

To help you deal with the added stress of travelling with your boss, Flight Centre Business Travel has put together a few helpful tips: 

 Surviving a business trip with your boss - be prepared FT

Be Prepared

Know what is expected of you before the trip and be prepared for it. Take a look at the programme, see what you have to prepare for, make sure you have enough business cards and pack appropriate clothes. 

Be Organised

Spend time drawing up a list of what you need before you start packing. Make sure you’ve ticked off every item before leaving for the airport. 

Travel Light 

While you have to take everything you need, keep in mind that you need to pack as lightly as possible – you don’t want to struggle with loads of baggage when jumping onto a train or into a taxi. 

Make Use of Business Travel Apps

There are many mobile apps available for business travellers, from weather and translation apps to apps that store your entire travel itinerary (flights, meetings, hotel bookings, etc.) in one place. Download these beforehand to make your trip as hassle-free as possible. 

Surviving a business trip with your boss - game plan FT

Have a Game Plan

It’s the perfect opportunity to wow your boss. Put in extra effort when preparing for meetings or when you have to do a presentation. 

Always Be on Time

Always be on time – whether it’s for your flight, a conference, business dinner or any other appointment. Being late won’t only make a bad impression on your boss, but on your colleagues, business partners, clients and prospective clients too.

Use Your Time Wisely

If you can, try to get some work done on the plane or between flights. 

Enjoy Everything in Moderation

Of course you can enjoy good food and a drink or two while on a business trip, but make sure you do everything in moderation. You want to be able to look your boss in the eye after the trip.  

 Surviving a business trip with your boss - travel light FT

Don't Be Too Laid-Back

Remember that you’re not on holiday, so work hard and stay focused on what you have to achieve on your trip. 

Keep it Professional

Avoid too much small talk about personal things and never bad-mouth your colleagues back at the office. 

Stay Positive

Even when you get tired and miss home, stay positive throughout your trip. There are few things as irritating (and seemingly as ungrateful) as someone complaining about having to travel for work, especially if your colleagues would have loved the opportunity. 

Please feel free to contact your Flight Centre Business Travel specialist for more information and advice on your next business trip.