Six ways to save on your travel

6 ways to Save

Planting the seeds to grow your travel savings

Unearth more value from your travel programme

If you weren’t sure why you should be booking your accommodation and car hire through FCBT, we thought we’d plant the seed…

1. Money talks

Our expert travel managers are backed by global negotiating strength of the Flight Centre Travel Group and have access to deals at more than 100,000 hotels around the world.  This means that we can offer great rates with excellent soft benefits, no matter the size of your business.

 6 Ways to Save - Multiply your benefits

2. Multiply your benefits

As an FCBT customer, you can gear up for enhanced savings and benefits through our exclusive driveplus programme.  Designed specifically with the business traveller in mind, driveplus includes a range of free perks that will boost your convenience and give your car hire budget some extra mileage.

3. Flexibility

Did you know that one in three corporate hotel bookings are amended or cancelled? You might think you’ve saved a few rands by booking direct on a non-flex rate, but if things change you could lose the whole amount. Most of our preferred rates include a flexibility clause so you can cancel between 2 pm and 6 pm on the day of arrival.

six ways to save - Payment & expense management

4. Turn up the volume

Booking all your hotels and car hire through FCBT gives us the ability to negotiate rates based on your total travel spend. Any bookings made direct or online are not attributed to you and won’t count towards any future rate negotiations.

5. Payment & expense management

When you book your hotels and car hire through FCBT, the charges can be billed back to your FCBT account. All your travel costs are then centrally accounted and invoiced.  This results in travel costs being easier to reconcile and avoids tedious expense claims for extras like meals and Wi Fi.

6. No fees, no fuss

As an FCBT customer you won’t be charged any additional service fees for your car rental or accommodation reservations.  This means that you can sit back, relax and watch your savings grow while we take care of the rest. Find out more about our service offering and how we can benefit your organisation.