Ladies, send yourself packing with these great business tips

Business woman packing


If the thought of packing for yet another business trip is as painful as lugging a packed suitcase up three flights of stairs, here’s why you should ditch the excess baggage and start getting suitcase smart ladies.

Your aim as a woman traveller is: To look professional, stay organised and keep your luggage light and easy to carry. A business trip shouldn’t be a chore. It’s an opportunity to grow your business, network and build relationships with existing and potential customers.

This is why your first worthy investment is a durable suitcase: complete with sturdy four-wheels and a robust handle.

Before you begin packing, take a look at your trip itinerary. Make a list of what you’ll need to bring and stick to it strictly. Then decide if you will check in a bag or only take a carry on. You’ll figure out what works best for you with each business trip.

Frequent traveller, Flight Centre Business Travel’s Customer Relationship Manager, Leanne Pereira, suggests some handy packing tips for women on the go: 

  • Pack palettes of opposite colours - You should be able to blindly pull out any item of clothing and pair them with what you’re wearing. The key is to switch up your shirt and take your daywear to nightwear easily.
  • Choose low maintenance clothing - It’s important to show up in your best but, you lose out on essential time if you stand over an ironing board pressing a pair of linen pants. Opt for easy fabrics that resist wrinkles. Make sure the clothes you pack don’t have special washing instructions - like dry-clean only.
  • Use your Fashion Accessories to spice up your wardrobe - Accessories won’t sacrifice luggage space. For example; blend in like a Parisian local and change up your wardrobe with a light-weight scarf. A statement necklace is another easy way to spice up a basic palette.
  • You always have space for your workout gear - We sincerely hope you won’t have any unexpected sprints through the airport but; you shouldn’t have to abandon your pursuit to keep fit.
  • Be the envy of other passengers and pack comfortable pants - Pajamas are a great addition to your hand luggage - you’ll sleep better when comfortable, plus, who wants to sleep in their clothes! Before landing, change back.
  • Pack a spare set of clothes in your carry on - While we know you’re very capable of ruling the world (and probably should), you have no control over the airlines’ responsibility to deliver your bag timeously. After an 11-hour flight, even your travel-sized Chanel No 5. can’t save you on this one.
  • Always carry your coat - There’s nothing vogue about gooseflesh. Keep items like a coat on hand rather than packing it away in your luggage. Not only will you be well prepared to throw it over should you find yourself in the midst of a European winter, you’ll save space in your luggage.
  • Command the right attention, dress for the occasion - Besides checking the weather for an up-to-date forecast, be sure to get familiar with appropriate dress codes. When in doubt, it’s always best to dress conservatively. A well fitted suit or structured work dress will speak a language understood by professionals around the world.
  • Heels are great but nothing screams la dolce vita like a mule or brogue: an essential chic comfortable shoe to suit all seasons and keep you on trend. They’ll take you from a pitch in New York to a search for the perfect flat white in Melbourne.

Your toiletries are just as important to prepare for as is your clothing. It’s important to mention airline regulations for carry on toiletries: All liquids, aerosols, creams and other items of similar consistency must be in containers with a capacity no greater than 100ml. There’s a special graveyard for any toiletries that do not abide by these laws; it’s called a bin.

We’d suggest the following toiletry items as a must:

  • Conditioner - If you aren’t fussed over using the hotel-supplied shampoo, save space by only packing a good conditioner.
  • The female travellers best friend - dry shampoo - Now that you’ve alleviated space, why not. The key is to always be prepared for any eventuality. Save the hassle of washing and drying your hair after a stress-melting run in Central Park.
  • Painkillers - It's a killer not to have them.
  • Nail file - Have the foresight to pack one of these in your check in luggage. Nothing can be more irritating than not having the right tools to fix those travel nail emergencies.
  • The tools you pack should not be limited to grooming. Don’t go powerless: Play it safe and pack a universal adapter kit—anyone who has felt the panic of realising they brought the wrong plug converter just as their phone or computer dies won’t make this same mistake twice.

Often overlooked; noise-cancelling headphones are a game changer. They’ll silence your commute and make your journey more bearable. Think twice before pairing them with a VR headset: it isn’t quite à la mode yet.