When to choose between a hotel vs guest house for your business travellers

Hotel room open door with key


Over the years, luxury guests and business travellers have come to need a lot more and the hotel industry has rapidly evolved with global brands offering top-of-the-range room amenities, lightning-fast WiFi and ultra-modern, high-end facilities.

Business travel is usually associated with traditional hotels, but recently there has been a slight shift as travellers seek a more relaxed, friendly environment in guesthouses and alternative forms of accommodation.

They still want amenities that help make their work easier, but as they’re on the road so often, they don’t always want to feel like they’re on a business trip, and hence may seek more of a homely environment than a hotel. 

Guesthouses are starting to offer facilities that business travellers want, to attract more of this clientele, while many hotels are picking up on the trend of personalisation, offering self-catering room options with kitchens, lounge areas, and even braai areas to encourage a more homely feel.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing between a hotel or a guest house on your next business trip:


Fast WiFi. It’s possibly one of the top reasons business travellers prefer to stay in hotels. However, many guesthouses are stepping up this facility. Ask your Flight Centre Business Travel account manager for your best options. The same goes for facilities like a bar area, pool and even a gym.   

Hotels are ideal for business travellers who are short on time, with their grab-and-go retail snacks and coffee stations in the lobby. If late-night room service is another deal breaker, stick to hotels, but if you’re on a trip that extends beyond a weekend, you might appreciate waking up to the smell of a home-cooked meal in the dining room and a chat with one of the family owners of your chosen guest house. 


A guesthouse is often much like living as a guest in a house of another person. It’s personal and local without trying too hard. Along with the owners of the house, you’ll typically find a small team of long-term staff members on-site to take care of your needs each time you return. Hotels, on the other hand, come with larger teams of qualified staff that are well-trained to make sure you are treated much like royalty 24/7. 

Some hotels also offer a shuttle service when it comes to transport, but if you’re in a hired car and need to drive beyond a certain distance, this might not make a difference at all.


Hotels emphasise sleek, stylish and modern room designs, with high-tech tools and amenities geared toward business travellers, such as multiple channel flat-screens, electric shavers, irons, mini-bar fridges and in-room coffee machines. 

However, if all you really need is a king-size bed and enough space to stretch out, a guest house might just tick all the right boxes. Rooms in guesthouses tend to be less standardised, and more often than not, feature a small kitchenette area for you to whip up a quick snack.  


Business travellers sometimes fall into the ‘bleisure’ sector where they combine their business trips with some leisure time. If you’re looking for an intimate setting without bustling cities and mobs of people checking in and out, consider a guesthouse.  

If you are all about the vibe of being around other business travellers in the heart of the goings-on, with the sound of the city just within earshot, a hotel may be your cup of tea.

Whether you’re a hotel or guesthouse type of business traveller, or perhaps a little bit of both, a guesthouse can be a good option for a business traveller who is on a longer stay to a city and looking to keep expenses lower. 

Flight Centre Business Travel has relationships in place with both hotels and guesthouses to ensure we can offer business travellers a variety of options at a range of costs. Contact your account manager today to explore your accommodation options.

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