Five tips to stay fit and healthy on your next business trip

 Five tips to stay fit and healthy on your next business trip


It doesn't take a survey to know that most business travellers don't follow their fitness and wellness routines while travelling for work.

What’s evident though, is that more business travellers around the world are getting better at incorporating exercise and wellness into their trips, be it by requesting accommodation with gyms, spas, and a close radius to yoga or boxing studios, or by wellness-related activities like listening to music and reading for pleasure on the trip.

Extended hours on a plane and pushing through longer days with less sleep in an unfamiliar environment adds a lot of wear and tear on the mind and the body. Travellers recognise that their mental well-being and health directly affects their daily performance.

If you’re gearing up for your next business trip and want to make sure your health stays in tip-top shape,  our top tips to stay healthy on your next trip…

Tip 1: Start before you leave
Get into a healthy routine well before your trip. If you go with a positive mindset, already feeling good about yourself, you will face less of a resistance from your mind and body to keep it up.  You’ll find it much easier to make healthier choices in a new environment if it is already a habit.

Tip 2: Exercise where you stay
Draw on your travel experts’ knowledge and partnerships by requesting accommodation options like Intercontinental Sandton, with smartSTAY inclusions such as complimentary access to the fitness centre and pool area where you can swim a few laps after a busy day. You could also look for a local yoga, dance or fitness studio online, and allocate exercise time into your calendar or daily planner as a task to tick off, much like a meeting or conference.

Tip 3: Try it as team building
If you are on a trip with your sales team, encourage them to set aside runs or work-outs together. It’s great to keep each other motivated and even make it as part of your team building. Ask your travel expert to add some sightseeing activities into the itinerary, as well as some more adventurous, fun-filled endeavours outside of the city. 

Tip 4: Walk it out
Try to walk as much as you can, when you can on your trip. If you find yourself with some time to spare, squeeze in a little sightseeing on foot or better yet, ask your travel expert on what they can recommend. You could also download Visit a City. This mobile travel app is very clear about the distance between two destinations and how to get from point A to B. The best part? Its free and works offline. 

Tip 5: What you put in is what you get out
If you’re in a hotel, commit to ordering at least one healthy meal a day and request some fruit to go with your morning coffee. Add this to your daily list of things to do alongside your business engagements. Make a promise to yourself that throughout the duration of your trip to switch out at least one unhealthy habit. Say “no” to buffet bread, and fizzy drinks during your time away. Opt for hotels that encourage healthy eating, like smartSTAYS’s  Park Inn Cape Town with complimentary fresh fruit at breakfast and unlimited bottled water.

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to stop your wellness routine from unravelling is to make sure that you have the time to nurture it.

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