Does your business need a travel policy?

Does your business need a travel policy


Before you can take our quick to see if your company is ready for a travel policy, let’s quickly recap on what it is and how it can benefit a growing business like yours.

A travel policy outlines how your employees should travel. For example, which airlines, hotels and car rental suppliers to use and the categories they can book. It should even state what costs the company will cover when travelling and sets the parameters of what is and is not an acceptable travel expense. 

By having these travel rules in place and communicating them to your employees, you take back control of your spend. No more unauthorised room service, or overly expensive flights.  By defining procedures for business travel and guidelines for reimbursement, you can monitor your travel expenses and see if your budgets are accurate. 

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If you answer NO to ANY of the below, it’s time to consider developing and implementing a travel policy in your business:

  • Do you know how much you are spending on travel per month/ year?
  • Are you monitoring how much your employees spend when travelling?
  • Do you know what your employees claim when they travel?
  • Do your employees know where to book their travel?
  • Or who to book their travel with?
  • Do they know how to pay for their travel?
  • Do your travellers know what their travel allowance is?
  • Do they know who to contact in an emergency?
  • Do you know what to do in a travel emergency?
  • Does your company have a travel emergency process?

If you struggled to answer any of the above, it means your company has grown to a point where you need help controlling travel in your business. You have reached that tipping point and need the expertise of a Travel Management Company, like Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT), to show you how to take the next steps.

We can assess your unique travel needs, gather important traveller feedback to help build your policy and advise you on the factors to include. Through a proven process, FCBT will define the parameters of your travel policy, showing you how and where you can maximise your budget and save on wasted travel spend.