Build the future bosses of SA with FCBT

 Laying a foundation for the future bosses of South Africa


FCBT is proud to be  building the future bosses of South Africa (in conjunction with the Flight Centre Foundation) by donating school uniforms, stationery, toys, a percentage of our profits and the time of our expert staff members to activities centered on the following pillars:

  • Offering bursaries to children and students from underprivileged backgrounds. The Foundation currently supports 100 children in an afterschool programme, 6 high school children, 2 children at a Special Needs School and 2 tertiary education students.
  • Working closely with ECD centres in Diepsloot, Hillbrow, Cosmo City to assist with classrooms, stationery, food and volunteer work to aid early childhood development.
  • A whole school project at Qhobosheane Primary School in Soweto – this entails renovating classrooms, building a library and science lab, playing fields, kitchen etc and is aimed at being a 5-year project.
  • Getting involved in projects such as the Kynsna Fire Appeal, Reach for a Dream, Cansa and various old age homes and animal charities.

Here’s how you can help us build the future bosses of SA:

  • Donate your previously loved school uniforms, stationery and toys by simply dropping them off at any one of our FCBT campuses or by calling your FCBT BDM to collect any items you would like to donate.

  • Donate your expertise and time we have identified a need with Qhobosheane for the following expertise: maths and science tutoring, administration skills, and life skills. If you are a specialist or able advise any of the above, please email your BDM or account manager. 

  • Make a donation through our website or choose to support a bursary for an underprivileged child. All donations will be acknowledged and we’ll tell you what we used the money for. Should you choose to get involved in the bursary programme, you will know the name of the child you are supporting, receive regular updates on their academic and sporting progress and details of any awards they receive.

Plus your business can benefit too!

All donations will be issued with a Certificate 18A and you can get involved as much or as little as you want. As a registered NPO, with a level 4 B-BEEE, we will help you to fulfill your required 1% contribution of NPAT investment into Social Economic Development, making it hassle-free while providing much needed support to building the future bosses of South Africa.

Contact your FCBT Account Manager or BDM today and help build a better future for SA!